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Overtown is poised for tremendous growth and you can be a part of it all.  Start, expand, and grow your business in Overtown.  Looking for employment? Learn about training and employment opportunities. Are you a real estate developer or investor? Learn about opportunities for commercial and residential development.  Incentives are available to new and existing business owners and developers.


The CRA supports job creation and economic development projects in the Redevelopment Area. This entails the enhancement of existing businesses and local entrepreneurs, the attraction of new businesses that provide needed services and economic opportunities, and work-readiness and occupational training programs.

Job Training

Overtown Beautification Team (Blue Shirts)

The Overtown Beautification Team program, facilitated by Human Resources of Miami, Inc., provides on the job training in the areas of property maintenance and landscape services.   Program participants provide street cleaning services, Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on the NW 3rdAvenue Business Corridor and surrounding areas. For more information contact Marcia Carty at (305) 377-1952 or via email at

The Hospitality Institute

The Hospitality and Culinary Institute, facilitated by Miami Dade College provides introductory training in hospitality, customer service and job readiness skills for employment in hotels, retail, restaurants, attractions and more.  Each quarter, participants embark on a three day training program focused on enhanced customer service skills, financial literacy, life skills, resume writing, successful interviewing and proper attire. At the completion of each session, a job fair is held for new and existing graduates.

Advanced hospitality and culinary training is offered to those who successfully complete the Job Readiness Program and includes a twelve week training course held at Miami Dade College Culinary Institute. The Hospitality Institute is located at Greater Bethel A.M.E Church, located at 245 N.W. 8th Street, Miami, FL 33136.   For more information contact the Hospitality Institute at (305) 329-2845 or via email at

The Lyric Theater Cultural Heritage Institute

The Black Archives History & Research Foundation of South Florida, Inc. offers part-time / seasonal employment opportunities for activities/ events held at the Historic Lyric Theater.  For more information visit,

Suited for Success

The Suited for Success Employment Skills Training Program offers career guidance, technology skills training and job seeking support for at-risk women, men and youth. Training sessions cover matters such as: job interviewing skills, resume writing, business etiquette and dress code, office protocol and ethics. Suited for Success also provides free professional attire to participants who have successfully completed its program to utilize for job interviews and for the workplace.

Suited for Success is located at the Overtown Culmer Center, located at 1600 NW 3rd Ave, Suite 111, Miami, FL 33136.  For more information on Suited for Success, contact Sonia Jacobson at (305) 444-1944 or via email at

Business Programs & Incentives

Overtown Business Resource Center

The Overtown Business Resource Center provides office space and direct technical assistance to small businesses.  Participants in the business incubator program have access to various business related workshops and training, computer use and Wi-Fi access, business advice and technical assistance. The Overtown Business Resource Center also houses the Community Workforce Training Program. This program consists of employment screening, placement and referrals of local residents seeking to obtain gainful employment.   The Overtown Business Resource Center is located in the Overtown Plaza, located at 1490 NW 3rd Avenue, Miami, FL 33136.  For more information on the Business Resource Center, contact (786) 378-7668

CRA Business & Development Incentives

The CRA offers unique economic development incentives to attract business operations and to encourage economic growth within the Redevelopment Area. Incentive programs are structured to promote improvements and expansion of the public infrastructure, increase affordable housing units and expand business operations. If you’re interested in undertaking a development or opening a business in the Redevelopment Area, please call us to see how we can help you! Please note that all benefits are contingent upon funding availability and CRA Board approval.