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CRA Board Appoints New Executive Director

CRA Board Appoints New Executive Director

On October 30th, the Board of Commissioners of the Southeast Overtown / Park West Community Redevelopment Agency (“CRA”) appointed Cornelius “Neil” Shiver, Esq. as the new Executive Director of the redevelopment agency.

Neil Shiver has over 20 years of experience in law, business management, public policy and community development. Prior to his appointment, Neil was a trial lawyer concentrating in civil and criminal litigation. Additionally, he served as the Chief of Staff to two City of Miami Commissioners: Commissioner Jeffery Allen and Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones. More recently, he served as the Assistant Director of the  CRA where he implemented and oversaw various administrative tasks including community development and community benefits negotiations in furtherance of the prevention and, or elimination of slum and blight in Overtown. Neil also represented the agency at various settings including public hearings before the City of Miami and Miami Dade County Commission.

As the Executive Director, Neil plans are to continue to carry out the mission and purpose of the CRA; an independent government agency tasked with spearheading redevelopment in the Overtown / Park West neighborhoods. His first priority on the job includes completing projects that are currently underway. “It’s my vision going forward to complete the major projects on the books, mainly the three Town Parks rehabilitation projects, to develop block 55, the last developable lot on the borders of Overtown and Downtown, and to bring home ownership opportunities to the residents of Overtown,” said Shiver .

Neil  was born and raised in Coconut Grove, attended University of Miami where he earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Finance and he attended St. Thomas University School of Law where he earned a Juris Doctorate degree.



The Southeast / Overtown Park West Community Redevelopment Agency

The Southeast Overtown / Park West Community Redevelopment Agency (“CRA”) is one of three community redevelopment agencies within the municipal boundaries of the City of Miami. The CRA was created in 1982 to promote and encourage the redevelopment of the Overtown and Park West communities (redevelopment area). The main objective of the CRA is to spearhead new development and redevelopment efforts that accomplish beneficial revitalization within its boundaries. The CRA’s main mission is to enhance the quality of life, improve the public health, safety, morals and welfare of the residents and stakeholders in the redevelopment area.